Earbud Headphones Tangle Free (black) - CORD CRUNCHER

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  • Great tangle free earbud headphones with an innovative elastic sleeve which allows you to manage the cord length.

Never have to worry about de-tangling your headphones again thanks to the brilliantly innovative Cord Cruncher headphones.

These fun, funky earphones incorporate an elastic sleeve which allows you to manage the cord length, allowing you to fully customise your listening experience!

The elastic sleeve adjusts from 16 inches to 3.5 feet, eliminating excess cordage and providing tangle-free movement during any activity.

Can be easily wrapped up for hassle-free storage by inserting the 3.5mm jack into the earbud opening.

The electric blue cord can be wrapped around your wrist when not required for trendy convenience!

Audio Spec: Frequency: 20 to 20,000 Hz Sensitivity: 100dB + 3dB at 1kHz Max Power Imput: 30mW

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